Our Mission

The Egyptian Group for Trading and Contracting was established in 1999 to provide the best food and beverage products in Egypt. The company deals with a select group of prestigious food companies in Europe and Asia in order to provide the Egyptian market with the highest quality products through its extended distribution network. Egyptec provides its imported products to the largest hotel and restaurant chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets in Cairo and other governorates. The company maintains continuous communication with these outlets to ensure the availability of its products and imported brands to its loyal customers in the Egyptian market.


Our Vision

We aim to strategically position our company among the most renowned importers of food and beverage products in the Middle East and to meet the various needs of the customers every day by providing products of a consistently high quality. The confidence that customers have in us is a result of our company’s long years of experience as well as continuity. Morever, we will keep sustaining a unique excellent services to our broad range of customers and providing the best food and beverage products in Egypt to meet the increased demand by the country’s growing market. We will always consider quality, service, and value as a priority to satisfy the needs of our customers and employees.